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Combined Motor Holdings (CMH) has been a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed company since 1987. We are a tried and tested competitor on the JSE and have weathered many financial storms, such as the recession which started in 2008. We were able to come through these turbulent times by applying the values encompassed in our mission statement. Namely complete customer satisfaction and providing a stable and challenging environment for our employees and rewarding their achievements.

Group Statistical Review

Some of the key statistics of the Group over the past 16 years are:


  2016 2010 2000
 Revenue R11 016 million R6 500 million R1 490 million
 Net profit after tax R182.9 million R54.8 million R29.4 million
 Total assets R2 783 million R2 005 million R336 million
 Number of employees 2 671 2 427 1 227
 Headline earnings per share 247.5 cents 76.7 cents 32.3 cents