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Group Structure

Group Structure

CMH Group Structure

The Executive Committee

Assisting the Chief Executive Officer in the discharge of his overall responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Group is the Executive Committee (“Exco”). Exco is comprised of the executive directors, Jebb McIntosh and Stuart Jackson, and the other members listed below. The Exco members represent the key management of the Group. Their wide range of complementary skills, together with their years of experience in their particular fields of expertise, justify their selection to Exco.

Exco member Function

Jebb McIntosh: Chief Executive Officer Bruce Barritt: Executive Director Stuart Jackson: Finance Director Steve Atkinson: Franchise Manager (Land Rover, Jaguar, Haval , Mitsubishi , Volvo) Sean Singleton: Franchise Manager (Haval, Honda, Mahindra, Subaru, Suzuki, UD Trucks, Fleet Solutions, Stellantis Brand, JAC) Ralph Nortje – Franchise Manager (Ford, Mazda) Charles Webber: Franchise Manager (Nissan, Toyota) Cathy Downs: Customer finance and insurance Kerrianne Fonseca: Company secretary and chief audit executive Roelof Minnaar: Information technology
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