About Us



The Combined Motor Holdings Group (“the Group”) commenced trading operations in 1976 following the merger of various retail motor dealerships in South Africa. In 1987 the holding company, Combined Motor Holdings Limited, listed on the JSE. It is focused on motor retail, has outlets in all the major centres of South Africa, has in excess of 2800 employees and, at October 2016, had a market value of in excess of R1.3 billion.

Combined Motor Holdings Limited is an investment holding company with well-established roots in the retail motor sector. We empower current and potential vehicle owners throughout South Africa with financial services and also engage in services such as car rental, full maintenance leasing and insurance.

We represent a number of highly recognised leading brand dealerships across South Africa and aim to assist customers with all their motoring requirements.Our strategic integration into several aspects of the motor industry allow for a more fluent collaboration of different divisions within the company. Our well trained specialists are committed to customer satisfaction and through training and upgrading of their skills, they ensure customers receive the best care possible. CMH employees are encouraged and motivated to offer customers a unique and memorable experience, ensuring peace of mind and great results throughout each interaction.

So whatever your requirements are-perhaps you wish to purchase a vehicle or bike, interested in investments or in need of financial assistance or car hire-speak to us and we will guide you through your journey in the motoring industry. Our company consists of a number of well-established franchises namely: Motor Vehicle and Truck Dealerships, First Car Rental, Green Machine and NWE Suppliers

Management’s strategy is to limit the Group’s interests to motor and related finance and insurance fields and car hire, rather than to experiment in areas where it has limited expertise. Following this strategy the Group’s significant operations are in the areas of motor vehicle retail, car hire and financial services.

The Group is an equal opportunity employer and recruits employees who best meet the requirements of the vacant position. The Group does not discriminate in terms of gender, race, religion, or any other factor including disability. All employees have the right to work in an environment which is free from any form of harassment or unlawful discrimination with respect to race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, place of origin, citizenship, creed, political persuasion, age, marital or family status or disability.

The Group complies with and fully supports the Employment Equity and Skills Development Acts as legislated and, as such, is always striving to elevate through its ranks, personnel from a previously disadvantaged background. Promotion from within, i.e. the identifying and promoting of an existing employee who best fits the requirements of a position that has become vacant, is encouraged.


The Group has a Code of Ethics in place to affirm its commitment to a policy of fair dealing and integrity in the conduct of its business. This commitment, which is actively endorsed by the Board of Directors, is based on a fundamental belief that business should be conducted honestly, fairly and legally. Compliance with the Code of Ethics by all employees and certain other representatives is mandatory.


We aim to provide customer satisfaction in all aspects of business and create a pleasant & challenging working environment for all our employees as well as develop a trustworthy and strong relationship with both our shareholders and suppliers. Commitment and professionalism form the foundation of our core values. We continue to build mutually beneficial bonds with our clients as we strive to reach greater heights within the company with our enthusiastic team of professionals.


Sunflower Fund

We have been involved with a number of Charities over the years and are dedicated to helping the community. This year we were the proud sponsors of the Sunflower Fund and helped to give hope to many cancer victims.