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CMH environmental department, CMH Green, has built its own mobile cleaning machines. The CMH Green Machines, designed from an overseas prototype is good to the environment and promotes empowerment entrepreneurship.
The Green Machine system uses a natural imported product called Carnauba wax. This wax is sprayed onto your car as a fine mist. The wax lifts the dirt and dust off your paintwork and holds it in suspension. A specially manufactured microfiber cloth is then used to wipe the wax (which has the dirt trapped) off the surface of your car. The surface is then buffed using another microfiber cloth to bring out the natural shine and colour of your car’s finish.
CMH Wax is a natural wax that’s water soluble. It is also SABS approved and because the system uses no water it actually helps the environment by conserving water. The average hosepipe car wash uses +/- 200L per wash. This contaminated water is then washed into storm water drains that empty into our rivers and oceans untreated.
The CMH Green Machine uses only 1L of water to wash the cloth and is also much faster than a conventional wash and on average takes no more than 20 minutes for the average size vehicle.
The CMH Green programme is an empowerment initiative where staff already working at CMH are able to rent the CMH Green Cleaning Carts to run their own cleaning business. Operators will receive uniforms and comprehensive training to assist them with administration, finance and customer relations.

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