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DUSI 2017

Day 2 Day two is the longest and toughest day of the Dusi, with tempratures soaring into the mid to upper 30s. The paddlers had to paddle 46km from the Dusi Bridge to Msinsi Resort on Inanda Dam outside Hillcrest, and ended with 11km of flatwater on the dam. Dusi Marathon Day 2 Andy Birkett once again showed top form by finishing first with a time of 1h40m44s. Sbonelo Khwela and Hank McGregor came in shortly after with a times of 2h45m52s and 2h51m09s respectively. Day 1 Dusi Marathon Day 1 The Dusi Canoe marathon was founded in 1951, and the total distance over 3 days is about 120km between the cities of Pietermaritzburg and Durban in KwaZulu-Natal. Today was the first day of the Dusi Canoe Marathon 2017, which started on the Umsindusi River that runs through Pietermaritzburg, Stage on one of the race is 42km long and the paddlers end the day at the Dusi bridge. Today was a perfect day for the Start of the 2017 Dusi Cano Marathon and the river looked very calm and peaceful before the paddlers took to the water, in their various batches. Andy Birkett, who is the defending winner of the K1 2015 Title, took the title for Day one in the male section today finishing with a time of 2:40:43:58 and Sbonelo Khwela (2:45:52:20) coming in 2nd with Hank Mcgregor (2:5:09:37) finishing day 1 in third position. Dusi Marathon Day 1 For more results on the day please click here: CMH Sponsors 20 Vehicles On Monday the 13th of February, Charles Webber, a CMH Group Franchise Director and very eager paddler enthusiast, handed over 20 vehicles which include a variety of CMH top brands to Dusi Canoe Marathon General Manager Brett Austin Smith at Camps Drift. These vehicles will be used throughout the Dusi to assist the paddlers. Only a few more days before the start of this gruelling event that is from the 16th to 18th of February 2017. Dusi 2017 Sponsors Dusi 2017 Sponsors

CMH Dice Series

Now is the time to put in the extra work. Need to push a little harder but not sure how? Accept the challenge and come down and take part in our CMH DICE SERIES over the next 4 weeks. Starting on Thursday the 19th of January at 5:30pm. Date: 19th January / 26th January / 2nd February / 9th February 9th February: Last Dice Before Dusi, We will be having a Lamb on the Spit Braai at 17:30

Latest Dusi Updates

Week 3 at Dusi 2017 CMH Mazda Durban and CMH Kempster Ford Durban were proud to be part of the third week of the Dusi Dice at Blue Lagoon on Thursday the 2nd of February 2017.02.06 They had a chance to show off a number of their vehicles as well as watch a successful Dusi Dice with well over 120 paddlers that took part and a success Thule race which was the 2nd in the series, with well over 350 runners taking part. We were very lucky that the weather held off until the last paddler and runner had come into the club house. There were some very lucky competitors who took home some awesome lucky draw prizes given away by CMH Group, Thule, and Funky Pantrs. This week is the last and final Dusi Dice of the series before the paddlers take on the gruelling 3 day Dusi Challenge from the 16-18 February 2017.     Week 2 at Dusi 2017 CMH Lexus Gateway, Toyota Umhlanga and Nissan Durban was proud to be part of the second week of the Dusi Dice at Blue Lagoon on Thursday 26th Jan. We had a chance to mingle with some of the paddlers as well as runners off the Thule race and also the privilege of showing off the number of our Lexus, Toyota and Nissan vehicles. The event was a huge success and was attended by several hundred people. The commitment and dedication that was witnessed of those that participated was a truly inspiring thing to watch and one really has to admire the effort that goes into the preparation these athletes take and of the event as a whole. There were some lucky competitors at the end of the Dice that walked away with some much deserved prizes. We at CMH would like to wish all those that are preparing for the Dusi all the best. Week 1 at Dusi 2017 The first week of the Dusi Dice had a great turn out by all paddlers with the weather playing in’s part in providing us with a beautiful evening. All the paddlers were getting ready for the 2017 Dusi and while competing, they were cheered on by the sales teams from CMH Honda Pinetown, CMH Suzuki Pinetown and CMH GM Umhlanga.
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